CAIM Treatment & Rehabilitation

CAIM Treatment & Rehabilitation

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Waiting for the flight, everything seems to be in order, just need to do some final packing and thow away things I do not need. Think there will be a lot of stuff I don't need, also need some locks and make sure my bags are within the weight limits. Hope the weather is nice upon my arrival. And the rest will go smoothly getting a new house. Been meeting a few women before I leave, but don't think I will keep in contact with them, since I don't plan on coming back to India.

Friday, April 27, 2007

New Records for DOW

Thursday's DOW hit a new record of 13105.50, and analysts are expecting over 14,000 by year end. Microsoft reports after the bell and reaches a new high of over $30 a share. What a jump in the Chinese search engine shooting up over %25 in after market trading. It is just too hot on Wall St. at the moment. Will there be market correction? Is it the right time to sell? Some serious look at valuation must be done on my portfolio as to determine which positions will hold and which to sell. But this is all part of the financial game, I will defiantly meet with some of my institutional investor friends who play millions of dollars a day for their companies when I get into the city. All things are looking up for my return as I have now sourced out a couple of places to live in the most affluent areas of the city, at very affordable rates. So just counting the hours till I am back into Western Society and on with the rest of my life.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dow 13000

Dow has hit a new record of 13,000 which is amazing considering the dollar valuation of the USD. This is a great time to be in the game in the US, will have to see how long this rally will hold up, as the Dow has been positive 16 out of 19 days. All seems positive for the US markets as most companies are reporting excellent earnings on their European and Asian divisions of operations, since they are growing in market share at extraordinary rate in those markets. Many of the analysts are not comfortable with the volatility of the emerging markets, since there is no proper valuation of the stock prices on those booming companies there.
I will have to do some serious research upon my arrival at home as to where my money should be invested since the recent rally of the markets.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Final Days

Final days have arrived and will be leaving India for good, and do not wish to return for any reason. Will be meeting my sponsor and real estate agent at the air port, then to be followed by final formalities of deposit for a new condo downtown. This place is in an awesome location right off Bay St, in the heart of the financial district next to all the major bank towers. Also I will be right in front of City Hall where all the politicians gather. Will be next to all the NA/AA meetings in the heart of the city which is nice, hope to make some good friendships in the fellowships. Also am looking at landing a part time job in City Hall or some 5 star hotel. Also have looked at various internet providers and have decided on getting the new DRY DSL services that have been recently introduced into the Canadian markets. Will go pure VOIP as my current VOIP provider must have not received payment for over 6 months and i'm sure service to my US number has been canceled. So will be a big step starting all over again, but I am confident that I will forge new relationships and friendships which will guide me in the right direction. Since my belief in my higher power providing me with GOD (good orderly direction) will help me succeed.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well just wrapping up few contacts I have made here in India, and will keep in touch with them in the future, who knows where business will lead me. I am very keen on checking out the India Franchise show at the Grand Ashok Hotel in Bangalore this weekend the 21st and 22nd, it's all free. And I would definitely like to see what franchise opportunities are available to Indians. Also would like to see which US/UK franchisers are offering their business's to Indian's. So hopefully I will get a chance to check it out. All in all have been making headway finding a place to live upon arrival, and the few people I still do know are being helpful. So just can't wait for D Day, am getting very excited. Hope mum has a safe flight home. God bless.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Visits from Mum

Been spending time with Mum over the past week, we have been getting alot of things sorted out with my passport and departure ticket. Seems like everything is in order except for all the stolen missing items from my residence which I had been living @. But I know these lazy bastard cops here will never find my property or investigate the individuals who lived in the house with me which is sad. Finally I will be back in western society where in crazy things like this will never happen to me. Very glad that my mum has sorted out all the mess up and my life will now move on after almost 4 years of hell. Keeping hope in my higher power to help me achieve success in my life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anxiously Waiting

Today mum will come visit me, as she had called yesterday and said she was in town. So I am hoping things go well and we can finally come to some sort of understanding after many years of mess up. She is currently at Vijay's house which i found odd, since they have never met. But I will be glad to also see Vijay if he choses to come, which I am pretty sure he will. I would most definitely like to get on with my life and try to fulfill many of the goals I had set in place while in Goa going over my goal planning with our UK counselor. I will have to strategically plan the steps I will need to take to foresee my goals complete. I will use the help of my higher power to assist me day to day in conceiving my future.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good News

Yesterday got a surprising call from my Mum in Canada who said she was on the next flight out tomorrow to come to India. It came to me as a big surprise since I had not been expecting it. So I am keeping positive that I will be heading home with her also or least to get my belongings to relocate myself and establish my life. So the arrival date will be sometime on the 9th, hope she has a safe flight and we have a joyous meeting. Last night was quite disturbed as I couldn't get proper sleep being eaten alive by millions of mosquitoes since we didn't get any mosquito coil. So i think all of us have been affected last night whoever was in the room, we all look groggy today.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Neil's Scary Experience

yesterday was a really scary experience for me as i had got a panic attack. it was the first time it happened to me so i was very scared in the rehab. the people here immediately rushed me to the hospital and the doctors put me on drips. i was discharged after some time and came back to the rehab centre. i got really scared and thought that i was going to pop it,die.i am happy to be back .

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Back from Chennai

Yesterday we left early in the morning to pick up someone from Chennai. Some real mad protesters along the way as trucks blocked up the road we were taking to prove some kind of point supporting their communist party regime. Finally arrived into town and had a hard time meeting up with the family as we did not know directions in the new city. But finally we managed to get ourselves organized and surprise the patient by just coming in the house and dragging him out. Funny as the guy said he is relieved that he is coming in for treatment as he did not know how to stop his drinking. Had a good chat with the chap on the way back to Bangalore and found out he is a software engineer who had worked in Sana Clara, California. So we had plenty to talk about on the way back. We took a new route back to avoid the striking truck drivers, and got back in record time. Over all was a good day and quite nice seeing the scenic country side. Also great seeing the SEZ zones set up for industries where big companies are now employing Indians. The infrastructure is great in Chennai, where you can see the new rail system almost ready to be used and traffic is 10times easier to flow in than Bangalore.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So we have been cooking breakfast today and made nice porridge which was thick and sweet. Hope everyone likes it! We are planning to make a nice Dal for lunch with beetroot sabji and rice. So for the next few days all the meals will be cooked by us new amateurs as we shall be experimenting in the kitchen. We are all learning a lot about different spices and preparation techniques. So over all we are enjoying spending time at the back and in the office as well.

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